Amanda Stewart

amnada Canberra 2.JPGAmanda is a poet and vocal artist. Much of her work in contemporary music is informed by ideas from linguistics, philosophy and science.

She’s recorded material at studio 301 in Sydney for a solo splitrec release – it’s in post production.

Over the years Amanda has created a diverse range of performances, publications, film and radio works, locally and internationally, working in music, literature, broadcasting, sound poetry, theatre and new media environments.

She has performed her solo works at numerous festivals including NowNow, Sydney, the Melbourne Festival, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Musica Viva, Munich, Weltklang, Berlin, the Geneva Festival, Proposta, Barcelona, So Ho Festival, New York and the Tokyo Sound Poetry Festival.

She has also collaborated with many musicians and artists including Cor Fuhler, Natasha Anderson, Stasis Duo, Roslaind Hall, Dale Gorfinkel, Jim Denley and Peter Farrar and is a cofounder of the Australian ensemble, Machine For Making Sense and the Netherlands trio, Allos. Her book and CD set of selected poems and vocal works, I/T, (Splitrec 5/Here and There Books) won the Anne Elder Poetry Prize.