180º2 .jpgSubmental  180º                                                                      splitrec 29. Release date July 1st 2019

180º is a new group formed in August 2018 – Nick Ashwood acoustic guitar, Jim Denley bass flute, and Amanda Stewart voice and text. Amanda and Jim first met in the late 1980s, founding Machine for Making Sense in 1989, as well as performing numerous duos over the years — a long and fruitful association. They’ve always been interested in what their music instinct can learn from language and vice versa. Nick is from the southern tip of Tasmania. Jim and Nick have been developing a strong association together the last 3 years, despite the distance from Hobart to Sydney, mainly listening, playing and recording in outdoor spaces.

180º has been working on a set of studio recordings, that have become this release, Submental. The word refers to anatomy beneath the chin, mentum – Latin for chin. There are a number of triangular spaces and muscles in the human neck. There are 8 tracks:

1.Scalene 2. Equilateral 3. Oblique 4. Isosceles 5. Obtuse 6. Acute 7. Degenerate 8. Equiangular

Front cover.jpg

This release sits in a liminal space between music and poetics — but wait, isn’t that a definition of song? Are these recordings a set of songs? Yeah-Nah. Does Amanda sing? Nah-Yeah.Does Nick play chord sequences? Sorta… naaah. Does Jim play melodies? Naaah… yeah.

At Splitrec we’ve listened closely to the material and find it extremely difficult to put our finger on what this music is. All 3 performers enter and exit the music with clear and sometimes opposite statements — hence the analogy of triangles. All opposites unite at the point at which they diverge. Whatever the angle at that divergence, the total angles of the triangle are always 180º.