Gleanings – scott sinclair: guitar, objects jim denley: altos, voice

 –  splitrec CD15

gleanings_squareWhile I called Denley’s duo with Peter Blamey a “dual improvised freak-scene show at its finest”, I’m willing to up the ante this time around. Denley’s textured sound here is all the more freakish. It’s as if he were literally trying to outdo himself and see just how far he’s capable of pushing the boundary. The popping sounds he makes with his insides resemble my 3 year old trying to pop plastic bubble wrap. It’s that slow sound of air being released from enclosed confines. All the while, Scott Sinclair’s take on his guitar is made up mostly of stroking the instrument’s side, caressing the body and popping lightly on the strings. It sounds as if Sinclair placed some metal or wooden balls inside of his instrument’s insides and let these play the lead role. Occasional moments of feedback and high-strung-out pitched sounds are done purposefully and with enough imagination to make repeat listening session worthwhile. I could sit and listen to Denley’s slow intake of air for hours on end. The sound is that exciting. Don’t mistake this duo for a noise fest. It’s as far from that as night is from day. Rather, these two corral the tiniest sounds from the most common of instruments imaginable. Which once again proves the point – the journey is more interesting than the actual destination. – Tom Sekowski – Gazeta

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