Switches and Hose – Dale Gorfinkel

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John Shand writes in the Sydney Morning Herald,

“…he will open your ears to an improbable array of sound-as-music possibilities. The most radical piece is the title track, created with the help of a foot-pump, balloons and certain plumbing items. The Dadaist nature of that list is a clue to a keen sense of humour being at work amid the elements of surprise. Gong Cage has tonal colours that may more widely be considered “musical”, but they interact in unconventional ways, while on another piece, Gorfinkel’s use of modified vibraphones conjures the ethereality of a summer afternoon in Paradise. Enoggera (recorded outdoors at Brisbane’s Enoggera Reservoir) has his modified trumpet blending with the bird and insect soundscape so completely that one could believe he (or perhaps his trumpet) had grown wings.”

Joseph Cummins in The Music Trust writes,

“Perhaps the highlight of the album is the Enoggera performance on modified trumpet, which is wreathed in a multitude of birdcalls that sit delightfully high in the mix. The dialogue that he performs with this terrestrial choir is a beautiful ending to a brief album showcasing the diverse talents of one of our most interesting sound makers.”

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